Hors D'Oeuvres

Chickpeas Cream Soup with Wild Mushrooms
Puff pastry with Blue Cheese & Pears with a side of Onions Cooked in VinSanto
Carpaccio of Beef with White Truffle of Montaione
Four Different Hors d'Oeuvres With White Truffle of Montaione
Warm Octopus Soup in a Stuffed Tropea Onion
Puff pastry Croissant with a Mousse of smoked Salmon and balsamic vinegar
Skewer of Salt Cod with Sage, Chick Peas and Fried Leek
Five Different Hors d'Oeuvres of the House (Min. 2 persons-Price per person)

Large Mixed Salad

Orange: Mixed Salad, Fresh Goats Cheese, Orange, Cashew Nuts, Goji Berries, Maple Syrup
Pear: Mixed Salad, Pecorino Cheese, Pear, Hazelnuts, Blueberries, Chestnut Honey

First Course

Special Pasta from Napoli with Tomatoes, Pecorino Cheese, Bacon, Olives and Almonds
Home Made Large Tagliatelle with Our Game Sauce (Wild Boar, Hare,...)
'Garganelli' with Bacon, Courgettes and Wallnuts in a Saffron Cream
Yellow Pumpkin Rice with Walnuts and White Truffle of Montaione
'Passatelli' with Aged Pecorino Cheese Fondue and White Truffle of Montaione
Rice with Mixed Seafood
Spaghetti with Mussels, Clams and Squids
Penne with Tomatoes, Small Scampi and Wild Mushrooms Cooked in Foil
Home Made Large Tagliatelle with Sea Bass and Asparagus

Main Course

Strips of Grilled Beef with Parmesan Cheese and Arugula Lettuce
Fillet of Tuscan Grilled Pork with Green Pepper Sauce
Thin Strips of Beef with White Truffle of Montaione over a Bed of Mixed Salad
Roast Lamb Roll with White Truffle of Montaione
Grfilled Fillet of Beef with Wild Mushrooms and Fried Chips
Fried Squids and Shrimps
Crayfishes, Salmon, small Dory Fillet, Mussels and Clams Cooked in Foil
Roast Salmon with 'Maldonsalt', Rosemary and Potatoes Croquettes
Baked Dory Fillet with Potatoes and Porcini Mushrooms au Gratin
Baked Salt Cod with Mixed Vegetables and Tropea Onions au Gratin

Side Dishes

Green Salad
Fried / Roasted Potatoes
Potatoes Croquettes

Mixed Salad
Thin Beans / Chick Peas
Fried Mixed Vegetables

Children Menù

Pasta con Pomodoro, Ragu, Pesto Genovese
Lasagne with Tomatoes, Vegetables and Mozzarella Cheese
Pizza 'Margherita' (Tomatoes and Mozzarella)
Pizza 'Prosciutto' (Tomatoes, Ham and Mozzarella)
Grilled Beef with French Fries
Ice Cream Cup (Cream, Chocolate or Lemon)
CocaCola, Fanta, Sprite, Orange Juice


Home Made Tiramisù
Mousse of Jogurt with Fresh Fruit
Coffee Parfait
Old-fashioned Chocolate Cake with Wallnuts
Home Made Tuscany Bisquits with Vin Santo
Home Made Vanilla Ice-Cream Sundae with Hot Chocolate
Pistachio Parfait with Egg-Nog
Fantasy of Home Made Sweets